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Material  Description  Price Per Pound 
Aluminum Extrusions Aluminum tubing, window frames, or picture frames. Must be free of screws and other metals $0.18
Old Sheet Aluminum Sheets of Aluminum. May have paint, but no iron or steel can be attached. $0.16
Clean Cast Aluminum Valve covers, wheels, etc. $0.20
Irony Cast Aluminum Motor Blocks $0.12
#1 Copper Solids/Wire Solids: Clean tubing and sheets. Wire: Stripped wire that appears burned or green. $1.25
#2 Copper Solid/Wire Tubing with soldered wire or a silvery coating. $1.00
Copper Insulated Electrical Wire Electrical Only. Lamp cord size or thicker. No Christmas Lights or very thin wire. Price varies depending on gauge or wire. $0.65
Brass Clean yellow or red brass. $0.60
Radiators Clean $0.75
Stainless Steel Often in the form or a sink. $0.10
Lead We accept but do not pay for it. $0.00

*Price subject to change

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